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Located in Versailles, Indiana / Serving - Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky

Mirrus Corporation specializes in partnering with other businesses to maximize efficiency in their production processes and quality applications. Mirrus understands the importance of 100% quality and the urgency to meet production demand.


Mirrus can provide assistance in containment, sorting, inspection and inventory verification as well as any other support needed. Mirrus continually provides 100% Quality Sorting and Assembly to our customers in a timely manner. Our Associates follow Work Instructions and will give detailed Sort Results of the whole process.


The employees at Mirrus are comprised of highly trained Associates and experienced Supervisors. These Associates and Supervisors understand exactly what is required to satisfy our partners needs. Our partners are provided with fast, cost efficient, Professional Quality Service. Our Associates are full time employees with Working Team Leaders which eliminates the need for temporary employee services.

Our Place or Yours

Mirrus has the capacity to provide In House Services with several work stations and dock facilities for easy product shipping. Mirrus is capable of sending experienced, highly trained associates to your preferred location to assist with your needs.

what we do

Mirrus is available 24 hours a day at any location, including our own.

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